COPA Flight Log

The Canadian Owners and Pilots Association (COPA), in partnership with Skymark Technologies, is pleased to offer all COPA members a free copy of the COPA Flight Log, an electronic pilot log book software application.

The COPA Flight Log, designed for all pilots ranging from student to ATPL, will help simplfy your flight recording.


  • Quick, easy data entry
  • Currency checking
  • History reports
  • Customizable logbook printout
  • PTR
  • Airport Directory
  • Sun Rise, Sun Set calculator

View additional features in Aloft.


Download the COPA Flight Log

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The COPA Flight Log is available for free simply by requesting a serial number from Skymark Technologies. To request a serial number, enter your name and e-mail address below and click Submit. A serial number will be e-mailed to you. The serial number will be related to your name and you will need to enter both your name and serial number to use the software.

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